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Pocket Scheme
A compact Scheme programming environment running on Windows-powered Handheld, Palm-sized, and Pocket PCs, i.e. Windows CE retail devices
Ben Goetter's home page
The usual vanity-driven rubbish
Kathryn Hinsch's home page
See above
About my Hummer
Endless, self-absorbed detail about Ben's former truck, an AM General HUMMER. (I wrote this page at the very beginning of 1996, when there was no other information available online about these trucks. You can certainly find better nowadays.)
Mike Baron's BADGER
Random notes on Ben's favorite (and now deceased) comic

All of the MAPI and Exchange-related content formerly hosted at now resides at the MAPI and Exchange Reliquary. This includes the Widgets for Microsoft Exchange, the MAPI Development FAQ, the Exchange Client FAQ, and the support site for Developing Applications for Microsoft Exchange with C++.

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