An Album of the Rubicon

I packed a disposable camera on my brief Summer 1995 Rubicon run. Here are the shots that survived spending the rest of the summer in the sun of the Sonoran desert. (Randy Pope wrote up a proper trip report, as did David Moore - though I can't find David's version to link.)

Eric Rabinowitz snapped this shot of me posing as an eco-rapist.

Ben's Hummer posing in mid-stream

I reciprocated. Here's Eric on top of his rig, a '95 YJ with an ARB Air Locker in the rear diff.

Eric's YJ posing in mid-stream

While driving the Fat Man made for some snug moments, as I squeezed its ponderous bulk through places that little rigs drove with ease, it had its advantages, such as when towing. Here Eric's YJ has fallen through a snow bridge. Eric's standing to the left of his rig, while David Moore has bailed out of his '78 CJ-5 (Detroit rear, Lock-Right front) to perch on the shotgun side.

YJ pre-tow

Hummer towing YJ

The unstoppable Don Stover accompanied us in his '84 CJ-7 (Lock-Right in the rear). Here he's demonstrating his famous Mr. Toad's Wild Ride driving style.

Don's CJ in action

I'm guessing that this must be Don spotting Eric. Nice legs, sailor.

Spotting the YJ

Here I appear to be experiencing the famous plate tectonics of California. Offering expert advice is Paul, a Willys-driving local who joined us on the trail, and somebody who might or might not be Randy Pope, here out of his '76 CJ-7 (Detroit rear, Lock-Right front).

Hummer in a deep rut

Me, once again. What a happy boy!

Same rut, different angle

The next morning I twisted an ankle while packing the truck to leave Spider Lake. Game over, man.

The rest of the boys continued to have a bona fide Adventure, as they fought their way through deep snow blocking the east end of the trail. Me, I rested for a day by the lake until my ankle would bear my weight, then backtracked the next morning. The TLCA was running their annual Rubithon in the opposite direction, so I didn't get lonely.

Hummer on the way out

I shall return!

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