Look! A links page! How very 1996 of me.

In the interest of keeping my web site a bit less cluttered than my office, I dump my random links-du-jour here. Behold what occupies my brief attention span.

My impressive curriculum vitae
This seemed funnier ten years ago. I was pretty stressed at the time.
Mike Baron's BADGER
During a brief recent run of my favorite comic book (an honor it shares with Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot), I started to compile a concordance of BADGER issues and characters, which I would work on during fits of insomnia. Now the comic's folded again, taking with it my obsessive urge to collate and index. (Incidentally, I consider "Klaus" from BADGER April 1991 to be the greatest Christmas story ever written.)
My mortal enemy. Though ten years of fighting it here has made a big difference.

Product placement!

I shill because I love.

Women's Bioethics Project
My wife's venture: a nonpartisan public policy think-tank addressing bioethical issues.
Northwest Orca Soaps
Gourmet soapmaking. No orca were harmed in the manufacture of this product.
Pirates of the Burning Sea
Bluebird Grain Farms
Local organic grain farm specializing in emmer. I depend on their rye and wheat flours for my daily baking.
Sphere Foods
Worldwide processed fruit and vegetable brokers.
Robert Taylor
Author, speaker, and a much better cook than he realizes.

Or maybe I just shill because they're neighbors. Whatever. It's all good.

Home Business Frontiers
Neighbors (in an across-the-drainage sense) of Bluebird Grain Farms, about twenty miles from where I'm typing.
The Mazama Lodging Association
Since I'm rude enough to squat on both mazama.net (personally) and mazama.com (professionally), the least I can do is give these guys a link here. Lodging and dining options in my back yard.
Winthrop Chamber of Commerce
Fifteen or so miles down the road from Mazama, Winthrop is based on tourism, and so offers more lodging and dining options. (This is the closest I can get to a shout-out for the Rocking Horse Bakery in Winthrop.)
Twisp Chamber of Commerce
Even further down the road than Winthrop, Twisp is the hub of regional commerce.


Though I'm not much of a blogger, or even much of a commenter on others' blogs, I do follow a couple of communities.

Lambda the Ultimate
Programming languages geekerie
The Fresh Loaf
Hobbyist bakers like myself
Hit and Run
Running commentary from the editors at Reason. Gets more than a little snide/shrill (that ever so tiring blog persona) at times.

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