Contacting Ben Goetter

Before mailing me

Please consider the following:

  1. I no longer work with MAPI or Exchange Server, and have not for several years. I have cheerfully forgotten everything that I ever knew on those topics. I don't run Exchange Server here at, and don't even remember how to install it. My obsolete FAQ and out of print book must stand on their own.

    In summary, if you need a MAPI or Exchange consultant, you need to look elsewhere, because I cannot help you.

  2. If you have questions about installing, using, or uninstalling my software, please, read the documentation before mailing me, as I may have already answered your question therein. You can find copies of all of my software documentation elsewhere on this site. Also, please check to see whether you have a contemporary version. Many archives and book CDROMs store obsolete versions of my software.

    If you have suggestions about my ancient Exchange software, keep in mind that I no longer work with this technology (q.v. my previous point).

    If you're reporting a bug, and you'd like to do so in the most effective manner possible, you may find reading this essay enlightening.

  3. Finally, be warned that my mailhost preemptively rejects mail sent from open relays.

Please pardon the curmudgeonly tone: I'm only trying to save us both the indignity of a form letter. Of course I'd love to hear from you.

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