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Fri, 18 Jan 2008

I come to Squeak

In order to bootstrap a new project on the OLPC XO-1, I find myself learning a new environment: Squeak, a descendant of Smalltalk-80. On the XO-1, Squeak (in its Etoys guise) seems a nice fit. On my development system, however, I find working within Squeak very frustrating, with its idiosyncratic and uneven keyboard support, dependency on pointing devices, and complete lack of integration with the native desktop. Gradually, I am locating tools such as Win32NativeFonts (map) to stave off blindness, and SVI (map) (aka Emin) for Emacs-style keyboard bindings. And gradually, my frustration level is diminishing....

Note that SVI/Emin contains a conflict with squeak-dev (a popular Squeak image, preconfigured for development) as released. To run Emin in this image, disable the duplicateAllControlAndAltKeys preference (category keyboard).

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