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Tue, 04 Mar 2008

Pocket Scheme is hibernating

Last summer's projects never materialized, so nothing at all took place in this codebase. Witness the silence herein.

Realistically, I don't foresee anything happening in this codebase any time soon, which is a pity, as the guts of pscheme are still pretty embarrassing in many places. (Sure, it works. You just don't want to know how it works.) The problem is that I no longer use the CE platform, either personally or professionally.

Of my projects that are currently under active development*, one of them-- yes, yet another Scheme implementation, on another platform-- could conceivably donate some R5RS- and R6RS-enabling technology to Pocket Scheme, were I ever to resume developing this. So I'm hesitant to come out and declare Pocket Scheme as completely dead. Too, one of last summer's projects might possibly return to life, in which case I'd find myself again hacking CE. Otherwise, though, I should publicly declare this project as frozen. If some other crazy person wanted to take it over, they'd have my blessing as well as all of the help that I could offer.

*(Not being coy. I just don't care to hype things that don't yet work. At an appropriate time I'll post something here.)

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