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Mon, 09 Jul 2007

Planning a 1.4 release

Despite the "2.0: currently under development" claim on the front page, no development has taken place on Pocket Scheme since November 2006, the date of the last posting here. (Note to self: update front page.) And now I find myself needing some new features in the summer timeframe for a new project. So the 1.x codebase will receive yet another facelift.

In for certain:

Unlike kludgy windows created with the current FFI, which operate in the Scheme execution thread, these dialog and canvas operations work within the main UI thread. Hence they don't confuse window activation or invite busy-locking the PPC.

The new project needs other long overdue Pocket Scheme features, but I'm not confident that I can get enough test coverage on them to put them into a public release. We'll see.

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