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Sun, 24 Sep 2006

1.3.2 released

Happy autumn equinox! I'm back.

1.3.2 publishes the registry access routines that I described last May, and corrects the bugs reported against 1.3.1, including a couple of problems in writing non-Unicode text output that have slept undetected since 1.2's release last year. (Thank you, George.)

1.3.x still doesn't support first-generation Pocket PC devices, which I suspect will now join Handheld PCs as an abandoned platform. This means that I no longer have test coverage for grayscale displays and non-ARM processors. (Actually, the Scheme engine itself works fine on old devices, but it never displays any output. Fixing this would involve experimenting with the HTML viewer on the PPC 2000 platform until it does the right thing there— and yet doesn't break every other platform's output.)

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