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Sun, 02 Apr 2006

1.3 released

There is so much left to do, but this must suffice. It works. I have defeated the wily code generator of my C compiler, which cheerfully reorders elements on the runtime stack so as to frustrate my garbage collector. Yea, verily, it works.

By dint of immense strength of will I left the achingly lame Pocket Scheme Editor alone. I'll fix that when I rewrite it in the next release. Similar strength of will kept my code generic to WM2003. There is nothing in 1.3 that expects even WM2003SE, let alone WM5. Again, for the next release. And I left out the debugging support that I've been fussing with over the winter, and I didn't dive into the D-S-W bug, and, and, and ....

Smart Mode's pretty nice. A few more ideas for it

Now to catch up on other parts of my life.

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