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Sat, 25 Mar 2006


Eight laps with the dead, plus a side excursion to play tour guide at Bruce Lee's gravesite.

It never fails. When I see an automobile with out-of-state plates slowing to meet me, and the passenger window lowering on the approach, I know who I'll see within, and what they'll ask of me. The occupants: inevitably, young men of some Chinese heritage. Typically the car is full of young men, but sometimes less so and with girlfriends or young wives instead. The question: "Can you show us where Bruce Lee is buried?" I enjoy these interactions. I feel like one of the gnarled trees in the cemetery. And the tourists, they are always so young! Or—am I old?

Oh, yeah, the run. Energy level good throughout, despite almost no breakfast. Mild discomfort in medial right knee, tempered by leveraging the glutes properly. Glutes didn't start to ache until the seventh lap. Incredibly, too, there is currently (six hours later) only minor heel discomfort. Am I finally healing that heel?

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Featurizing 1.3

I can feel the undertow sucking me back to the Real World even as I type, so I'd better write this up before I drown. [Ed.: I fell asleep last night immediately after typing that.]

1.3 basically works. I've spent the last couple of days fiddling with the interface, trying to polish what passes for the Pocket Scheme user experience, as well as how we manage multiple script-type operations on a platform that does not provide a good generic way to do so. Those two goals have at times worked at cross purposes. For example, I revoked some fairly involved soft input panel manipulation when I found that it confused CE's cross-application SIP manipulation, especially when another instance of pscheme was running a background script.

Presently I'm looking at the following:

After that, I have to finish coding DWIM, aka Input→Smart Mode, and add a couple more paren-balancing options to the context menu. My current notion of DWIM entails:

And I want an explicit "Balance this S-expression" command, and for successive "Select S-expression" commands to increase their scope beyond the current selection. And I want a pet elephant, too.

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