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Sun, 19 Mar 2006

A training log

If I'm going to keep a [b]log, why not log training here, too? I haven't logged my training since 2003, which was the year that I ran the Cutthroat Classic. Now that I've healed sufficiently to resume running in earnest (he typed, hoping it's true), let's get serious (if not S.E.R.I.O.U.S.) and resume logging.

(In 2001, I logged all Mazama-side road- and trailwork on a truly excellent calendar from the Canadian women's Olympic cross-country ski team, which they issued only in that single year, alas. That calendar motivated my training in so many wonderful ways. It was a pleasure to log each day's entry, and a particular pleasure to move to each new month. Oh, yeah....)

Anyway, let this beautiful Sunday afternoon start my new countdown to the Cutthroat!

Seven laps with the dead. Achilles comfortable throughout. Mild right plantar tenderness post-run. Discomfort from fifth lap in medial mid and lower right knee. Energy high throughout.

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1.3 works, sort of

Happy times! My initial cut at 1.3 is now REPLing merrily on WM 5.0.

Unfortunately, the control that I'm now using for per-REPL-pass output (output displayed in real time, as opposed to the static transcript of the entire session) doesn't have the same concurrency rigor as the control that I used in the last version. Cross-thread activations are confusing it something fierce. I have a number of possible solutions that I cooked up during yesterday's long commute, but they'll have to wait for tonight. Right now the sun is shining.

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